A Quick Guide To Setting Up a Small Commercial Kitchen


Even though they serve the same purpose – food preparation – the fact is that home kitchens and commercial kitchens are very different. A proper design and a well thought out commercial kitchen layout can drastically improve the productivity of employees which ultimately means better service. If you would like to know how to design a small commercial kitchen then we can help. In addition, with a good kitchen layout for setting up a small commercial kitchen, owners can save money too.

Commerical Kitchen

To start with, you must take care of your refrigeration needs. There are many refrigeration options that can work in different kitchens, but when we talk about small commercial kitchens it may be best to buy a fridge line station with additional fridge units. This is where the workers will keep the food for the food prep. Of course, you should also consider buying walk-in refrigerator units because they come in sizes that can fit in almost any space which helps with the kitchen layout.

Next for the kitchen design, you should think about the storage space. Equipment and dry storage and storage shelves are a must for any commercial kitchen. We do have a guide that offers so great advice that offers storage ideas for a commercial kitchen.

After that, restaurant owners must spend some time choosing the right cooking equipment and kitchen equipment. This is a very important task. For starters, you must buy a good HVAC system. There are strict laws and regulations about proper ventilation in commercial kitchens so do your research before buying a proper ventilation system like this and all-around kitchen equipment. If you don’t have a large budget to spend have you ever consider purchasing Second Hand Catering Equipment? We can supply good quality refurbished catering equipment at competitive prices. We understand that budgets can be stretched and savings need to be made where possible.

You will also need an oven, boiler and gas range. You can choose whether you want to buy these items or lease them. Different facilities need different additional equipment. Consider buying (or leasing) things like flat grills, deep fryers, convection ovens and similar items if your business really needs them. You can always check out our special offers if you’re looking to save some money.

Furthermore, you’ll need good food preparation stations and additional wares. When it comes to small kitchens you should think about the space, but don’t forget that these preparation stations are very important when it comes to a smooth commercial kitchen layout and kitchen design, so use the space to the maximum.

Finally, even for a small restaurant kitchen make sure you purchase and install safety, sanitation and fire equipment. Once again, read the regulations and buy equipment that will meet the standards and regulations of the industry.

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