Commercial Restaurant Kitchen Equipment Checklist

There are many things that you must take into consideration before opening a new restaurant, but you should pay special attention to the kitchen because, after all, this is one of the costliest investments. Every commercial kitchen requires top notch equipment that can respond well to your busy schedule. These kitchens should have a layout that meets your requirements in term of food preparation and delivery. Although your restaurant may be located in an attractive location, if you only have a small space for the kitchen, you must be careful of the pieces of kitchen equipment you buy.

Learning more about the importance of a restaurant kitchen

The commercial kitchen is the focal point of any restaurant. This is where everything found on the menu is prepared and cooked. In most cases, this is the same area where you can find the dishwasher, food storage, and storage for the dishes, utensils and cooking tools and equipment. Don’t forget that a commercial kitchen is much different compared to ordinary home kitchens because commercial kitchens are used by many people. In other words, they must be organised well in order to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

How much money do you need to provide a commercial kitchen with equipment?

This is an important question, but it depends on the size of the kitchen. Some experts suggest getting a £200,000 loan and although some people may find this number too high, the truth is that this is a realistic amount of money because even if you are buying used equipment you will still need to buy many pieces of equipment that are expensive. The biggest downside of used equipment is that it doesn’t come with warranties, but if you purchase the new equipment you should know that their price will drop from the moment you start using it. It really depends on your budget.

It is easy to get carried away and buy more pieces of equipment than you need and this is the reason why you need to prepare a commercial kitchen equipment list which should include: oven, range, deep fryer, grill, freezer, walk-in cooler, reach-in cooler, sauté pans, sauce pans, pizza screens, soup pots, baking sheets, spatulas, tongs, baking pans, whisks, pizza paddle, chef’s knife, ladles, steam table, mixing bowls, dessert plates, pasta bowls, plastic inserts for coolers, salad plates, entrée plates, appetiser plates, cleaning rags, shelves for walk-in cooler, rubber floor mats, fire extinguisher and hand soap.

The above list is not exhaustive. If you are in the process of setting up a commercial kitchen and need advice about the range of equipment you are going to need, please contact us now.



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