Common Design Principles Of a Commercial Kitchen


The basic goal of planning a commercial kitchen is to get a practical work area which provides the best efficiency and safety while reducing the labour, materials and energy used in the process of preparing food. It doesn’t really matter if we are talking about small or large commercial kitchen designs for pubs, hotels, restaurants or taverns, the common design principles that we will share in this article are useful for any commercial kitchen and they should be taken into consideration by anyone who is looking for efficient and modern kitchen design.

Methods Of Delivery

Make sure that your kitchen is accessible to delivery vehicles and, if at all possible, implement a solution that allows vehicles to access the catering space.

Provide sufficient space for chilled, dry and frozen foods and ingredients to reduce the need of delivery personnel to walk in the area where the food is prepared.

Food Preparation

It is important to separate prepared food from raw food to eliminate the risks of contamination.

When it comes to positioning, it is best to place the food preparation area right between the main cook line and the bulk storage area.

Make sure that you have proper preparation sinks, sinks for washing pots and separate hand wash sinks.

Equipment Used For Cooking

The process of selecting appropriate cooking equipment should be closely related to the meals that you will have on offer.

Experts recommend using energy efficient equipment whenever this is possible. This equipment will not only save you money, but it will also accelerate the preparation process because it is based on utilising the latest technology.

Since different commercial kitchens have different styles of service, find a layout that provides the best flow for your situation. Any equipment that’s large should be placed in the back of the kitchen and the equipment that is used for preparing food fast (griddles and fryers for instance) should be placed close to the service point.


Remember that commercial kitchen ventilation must follow certain standards and regulations, so read these regulations before taking any action.

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