Fresh Ideas for a Healthy Summer Barbecue


With the weather heating up, everyone wants to get in shape for summer (or try to). So what can you eat that’s going to be super delicious but not max-out all of your daily calories in a few small measly mouthfuls?

It’s the season of the BBQ

But that doesn’t mean you have to indulge in a big fat burger, dripping with cheese and exploding with toppings and sauces. Why not knock up something healthy and just as tasty using your chargrill?

At Caterline Commercial Kitchens Limited we know all about chargrills, so we’ve put together some ideas of what to stick on the grill this summer that will help to get your beach-body ready and put a spring in your step!

Versatile veggies

Some vegetables such as mushrooms, aubergines and onions have a meaty kind of taste and texture without the saturated fat. Plus, the lovely charred lines will add to the smoky taste. Try cutting them in to chunky slices to replace your usual piece of steak (if that’s possible for the meat eaters among us).

Veggie burger alternatives

There are lots of recipes out there, loved by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. Beans, lentils and sweet potato all make a good base for a flavoursome burger alternative.

Flavoursome fish

Simply grill salmon, tuna, shrimps or your catch of the day. There are a million and one ways to prepare fish and you’re after the perfect “melt in your mouth” flavour.

Scrumptious Cheese

Halloumi is a delicious cheese, perfect on skewers and accompanied with vegetables such as onions, peppers, corn and mushrooms.

Succulent chicken – also perfect on skewers.

Meat substitutes

Meat replacement foods such as Quorn, Linda McCartney or the supermarket own brand labels all have an amazingly diverse range of yummy, healthy foods perfect for the grill.

Top tips to freshen up the Barbie:

  • Pile salad high on your plate rather than indulging in bread
  • Avoid creamy sticky sauces
  • Add clean, simple flavours such as garlic, lemon or chilli
  • Drink water whilst eating your food
  • Finish off with a mint or cup of herbal or fruit tea

Why not share your fresh ideas and top tips for the perfect healthy summer barbecue?



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