How recycling and upcycling in the kitchen can help to cut waste and save cash


Waste is a major problem both in terms of the environment and managing it, which makes recycling and ‘upcycling’ the sensible option in the kitchen.

While plastic pollution has pushed the problem of how we dispose of packaging to the top of the agenda, the amount of waste people and businesses generate in general is a major problem.

All efficient kitchens should have a process in place for recycling their waste – particularly considering the amount that can be generated in a commercial catering environment.

Get the right kitchen equipment for efficient recycling

The secret to successful recycling is organisation – if everyone knows what to put where the process becomes a lot smoother.

In a kitchen, health and safety remain paramount so installing secure bins that will hygienically contain waste is the first step.

Certainly the base line is to have one bin for non-recyclable waste and a separate one for recyclable material. Ideally though waste would be sorted by material into separate bins, depending on what recycling facilities are provided by your local authority.

If recycling services are not provided by the local authority for commercial kitchens find a recycling service locally. It will be worth the effort from an ethical point of view and will help to cut waste disposal costs.

Cut back and re-use to cut kitchen waste

Tips for cutting waste:

  • Re-use containers where suitable
  • Avoid smaller sachets in favour of refillable bottles
  • Favour refillable dispensing machines
  • Flag up unnecessary packaging waste with suppliers
  • Consider an alternative use for items no longer needed

The beauty of efficient recycling is that it saves you money as well as saving the planet. Waste disposal costs associated with landfill come at a cost so the more your catering company can recycle and reuse the better.

This can be extended to your kitchen equipment where rather than throwing out older items, these could instead be refurbished and put to good use once more, saving on money and waste.

Reusing and recycling makes perfect sense in the commercial kitchen – just make sure you have the right equipment in place to start with.

If you need to add to, or upgrade, your commercial kitchen equipment contact Caterline.

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