How to design a restaurant kitchen


Whether you are renovating an old restaurant or you are opening a new restaurant , the design of your restaurant kitchen will be integral to its success. Many people make the mistake of thinking this is an easy task and start this activity without a plan. This is foolhardy because the mistakes that can occur during this process can be quite costly. If you want to know how to design a restaurant kitchen, you will need to learn more about the elements of great restaurant kitchen design. Here are a few quick tips.


First of all, you should introduce an ergonomic-friendly design. Thanks to the ergonomic kitchen design your staff won’t have to move around so frequently while working. Saving time during the process of preparing meals should be your top priority and this is what ergonomics kitchen design is all about. In addition, food spilling accidents will be significantly reduced thanks to this design, as will kitchen accidents.

Next, you must think about energy efficiency. The amount of energy you need in your kitchen is related to the design. This is very important for your commercial restaurant kitchen because you should look for ways to cut the expenses and increase profit.

The size of your commercial restaurant kitchen is important too. Generally speaking, the size of the kitchen should match the size of the restaurant. To put it simply, you must think about the capacity of your restaurant (number of seats/guests) before deciding how big your kitchen should be. Even though there is no universal answer to this question, experts agree that you should aim for five square feet of kitchen for every seat.

Another important element in the design is the ventilation. Commercial kitchens produce a significant amount of smoke and steam which must be regulated. Invest in a good ventilation system.
Last but not least, try to create a design that will make the space easy to clean and maintain. How you position your kitchen equipment will be a crucial part of this.

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