Giving careful thought to how you design a small commercial kitchen is crucial if you want to maximise time, efficiency and money.

If you are working with limited space and also a limited budget then you need to put a plan together regarding what aspects of the design you should tackle first and the order that you should do things in. Here’s a quick best practice guide that you could follow to ensure that all the appropriate priorities are considered:

    • Put together the menu that you are planning to run with and the type of food storage and preparation areas you are going to need. Ultimately your menu will determine the equipment you are going to need and the space you need to prepare it. Future-proof your menu as much as possible so that you build in what you might plan to do in the future. If you put this thought in now then you are more likely to avoid future changes to equipment and redesign which could prove expensive.


    • Start taking precise measurements of the equipment you will need for storage, preparation, cooking and refrigeration. At all times consider the health and safety aspects of your storage and preparation areas so that no cross-contamination takes place between different foods. Take special note of where windows, doors, air conditioning, plumbing and electrics are located so that you can tailor your design to the space as best you can.


    • Make sure that the space allows plenty of room for your kitchen staff to operate efficiently and safely. Understand when your peak service times are going to be, how many staff are going to be in the kitchen, and how you can best maximise on the time it takes to get food from the kitchen to the table. Safety is a key element of your considerations here and the space needs to allow for your kitchen staff to function well without being exposed to health and safety issues.


    • Ventilation, lighting and flooring are all also vital elements of your commercial kitchen design and these need to be factored into your thinking and your costs.


All of the above are the immediate priorities in terms of commercial kitchen design. If you need any advice on how to put a design together and how you can get the most out of the space and budget you have available then please do not hesitate to contact us.