How will food trends for 2019 affect your kitchen?


A growing awareness of the need for sustainability has played a significant part in influencing the key food trends for 2019 with waste reduction being a major point.

The impact of the work required to grow the food that we eat and the packaging that ensures it is delivered fresh and undamaged has been increasingly put under the spotlight.

Combined with a continued emphasis on wellness, this has seen a huge rise in veganism, which has grown hugely in popularity and availability.

It is claimed that eating a vegan diet can reduce a person’s carbon footprint by up to three quarters, making it an eco-conscious choice.

With many people wanting to make a change for the positive but unwilling to drastically alter their diet there has been a rise in ‘flexitarian’ diets, where meat and dairy are avoided one or two days a week.

As vegan food continues to gain popularity it is waste reduction that is expected to step into the spotlight. This will mean more effective use of ingredients as well as inventive methods to use up foods that are usually discarded.

What does this mean for commercial kitchens?

With a focus on waste reduction, which will appeal to consumers, better storage may be a consideration as well as menu updates to make better use of seasonal ingredients.

Effective refrigeration will certainly extend the life of fresh foods, while extra storage may be needed to accommodate food to be used at a later point.

Using a separate area of the kitchen to prepare vegan food makes sense – particularly in light of rising allergies – so with more demand for this food it might be time to get organised and design a separate preparation area.

It goes without saying that recycling and effective waste management are part and parcel of an environmentally aware approach to managing a kitchen.

Simple changes make a big difference

With eco-conscious practices being a marker or integrity and ethical trading, it makes sense to take on board the sentiments behind the food trends of 2019.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the impact their choices have and will make their decisions on where to shop and eat along those lines.

Making simple changes to the kitchen could be all that is needed to welcome in the food trends of 2019 and to help cut waste.

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