Can you find love in a kitchen?

Well, possibly. Although make sure you watch out for sharp corners.

If you are to find everlasting love in your kitchen, the first step is obvious – you need to fall in love with the kitchen itself. If you are a homeowner, or more pertinently, a commercial venture cooking up the food of love this Valentine’s Day, a lack of attachment to your kitchen will soon show in your cuisine.

Kitchens are more than preparation areas. Given the right design, they are places of inspiration. Poor design and equipment is likely to be mirrored in lesser quality food.

A kitchen should be a place of creativity and pride. It should be a place linked to your heart.


How to love your kitchen?

Simple – be involved in the design right from the start. No-one has a kitchen foisted on them anymore. The customer is at the every epicentre of the process. Be sure you make your feelings known.

Remember, in a catering environment you will be spending more time in your kitchen than most – more time than perhaps any other space in your life. The best equipment suppliers and designers will ensure they listen carefully to your desires and deliver them with thought and precision.


Serve the love up to others

Whatever the environment – canteen, restaurant, domestic – the purpose of cooking food is to satisfy and please. Customers are generally coming to you in search of escape, be it a break in work or something with a deeper meaning.

Ultimate satisfaction comes from having delivered pleasures to others – although maybe hold back from delivering chips and lasagne with a rose between your teeth.


Flirt with flavours

The correct environment will bring the best out in you. Finding love in a kitchen may sound unlikely but it is the place you will actually build a long-term passion for food.

Be kind to your kitchen on Valentine’s Day, and every day.

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