Make a good first impression with the right commercial catering supplies


Pop-up cafes and restaurants have become a major new trend but make sure you have the correct commercial catering supplies to strike the right impression.

Pop-up eateries have become a byword for an on-trend way to try out new and exciting foods.

Whether it is high-end street food, haute cuisine, or cafe-style simplicity, pop-up restaurants generate easy publicity and a buzz among the dining public. Of course, one of the major reasons for opening up a pop-up restaurant is to establish a reputation for your brand and this means getting it right first time.

Pop-up restaurants: Commercial catering supplies

Pop-up restaurants provide an excellent way to test out a new product or to test interest in a new market.
All of the reasons behind opening a pop-up restaurant demand quality and that you are confident in providing your highest quality food.

Integral to that is having the right commercial catering suppliesto make sure you can provide the service that you want to.

Even for a temporary restaurant there will be a demand for quality commercial catering supplies. A fridge, for example, will be needed to keep food fresh while storage units are important to keep food safe.

A cooker that can perform at the level that you need while also fitting into the space that you have is essential – and depending on the food you are serving you may need a fryer or grill.

Health and safety remains a priority in pop-up eating establishments so while considering commercial catering supplies it is important to accommodate adequate food preparation areas with enough space to allow different food groups to be safely prepared.

While you may want to look to the future and invest in commercial catering supplies that will serve you well for years to come it is also possible to find kitchen equipment on a temporary basis.

Refurbished commercial catering supplies

As in many start-up enterprises if finances are an issue in finding the right commercial catering supplies consider choosing reconditioned equipment.

Bought from a reputable firm, reconditioned commercial catering supplies offer an excellent solution with quality guaranteed.
Pop-up restaurants are a fantastic way to generate buzz for a new business and to start building a loyal following so make sure the opportunity works for you by ensuring you have top quality commercial catering supplies.

Caterline offers new and refurbished commercial catering supplies along with installation and design if needed.

Make sure you have all the equipment you need to get your business off to the best start, get in touch with Caterline.

For more advice or to discuss introducing new commercial catering equipment to your kitchen contact us on 01384 597111

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