New start for the New Year – start planning your kitchen design and installation now


Once you have found a recipe for success change can be tricky but encouraging growth may mean evolving – and updating your restaurant and kitchen could be what your business needs. 

Alternatively a stagnant period could signal that it is time for a change – do you need to update your menu, make the restaurant more modern, or even cater to a different demographic? 

The New Year is a time for change and while the build up to Christmas can be busy time it also presents a time to take stock and consider how you could improve your business considering its strengths and weaknesses. 

Planning a new kitchen design and installation is a big undertaking and will take time and investment so give the decision the time it deserves. 


Is it time for a new kitchen design and installation?

Considering a new kitchen design and installation could make sense if: 

  • The success of your business has outgrown your existing kitchen
  • Increasing or changing the food range that you offer
  • Starting a new business from scratch
  • It is time to update the restaurant
  • Older kitchen equipment is struggling to cope
  • More space is needed in the kitchen
  • Change is needed to increase custom

The heart and soul of any catering operation is, of course, the kitchen so investing in change when it is needed makes sense.

And the New Year is the ideal time for a fresh start so plan early the changes you want to make to help your catering business enjoy even greater success next year.

Planning kitchen design and installation 

If you want to introduce a new kitchen designand installation to an existing business, begin to take account of what works and what doesn’t. Do you need more surface space or better storage? 

Have you started to use more fresh fruit and vegetables putting a strain on your refrigerator space? 

Do you want to include an allergens menu? This could mean introducing additional surface areas and dedicated fryers, for example, when planning your kitchen design and installation.

It might be that you want to make better use of the space that you have to make life easier for the kitchen staff. 

Whatever you want to include in your new kitchen design and installation Caterline can help you achieve what you need. Offering a comprehensive kitchen design and installation service Caterline will make your plans a reality with affordable and efficient catering equipment. 

For help planning your new kitchen design and installation get in touchwith Caterline for a new start for the New Year. 

For more advice or to discuss introducing new commercial catering equipment to your kitchen contact us on 01384 597111

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