Safety Tips in a Commercial Kitchen


For a kitchen to be well organized, it is essential that you take care of its safety. You need to prepare and plan things beforehand to pre-empt any potential hazards. Here are a few safety tips that you need to implement to make sure you and your staff are kept safe:

#1. Before starting work in the kitchen, make sure that all the cords and wires of your appliances are not frayed and have been connected properly to avoid any danger of electric shock. Replace broken appliances to avoid any mishap. Unplug the appliances after use.

#2. Always wear appropriate clothes while working in the kitchen, Avoid wearing very loose shirts or shirts with long loose sleeves so that you can keep your clothing from catching fire while working on the stove.

#3. Never leave a burning stove in your absence. Turn off all burners as you leave the kitchen.

#4. Keep all areas of ventilation open. Do not block the vents with furniture or appliances.

#5. Keep a fire extinguisher in the kitchen in case a fire breaks out. Make sure the extinguisher is not installed anywhere near the stove.

#6. Handle sharp objects in a safe way. Always keep them away from your body to avoid any major accidents. Handle objects with sharp edges in a safe manner.

#7. Do not use your mobile phone while working in the kitchen. Avoid it as much as you can because it causes a lot of distraction.

#8. Clean up any kind of spills immediately to avoid slippage.

#9. Store all your kitchen supplies in a reachable place; avoid elevating yourself to reach for supplies stored in higher cabinets. Store the cleaning supplies in a safe place and keep them away from edible items.

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