Start up catering business – what are the essentials?


If you are in the process of starting up a catering business then you will want to design a commercial kitchen that maximises on space, time, efficiency and your budget. Here’s a quick guide to the essentials of any commercial kitchen when you are just setting up:

  • What kind of menu will you be putting together? This will determine the type of food storage, catering equipment and preparation areas you are going to need. Think about what you might put on your menu in the future so that you build in what’s required. This will save time and money in the future because changes to equipment and redesign can be very expensive.
  • Undertake measurements of the catering equipment you will need for storage, preparation, cooking and refrigeration. Consider the health and safety aspects of your storage and preparation areas so that no cross-contamination takes place between different foods. Identify where windows, doors, air conditioning, plumbing and electrics are located so that you can tailor your design to the space.
  • Allow enough room for your kitchen staff to operate efficiently and safely. Do you understand when your peak service times are going to be and how many staff are going to be in the kitchen? You need to maximise on the time it takes to get food from the kitchen to the table.
  • Safety is a vital part of your considerations and the kitchen space needs to allow for your staff to function effectively without being exposed to health and safety issues.
  • Ventilation, lighting and flooring are all also crucial parts of your commercial kitchen design and these need to be factored into your budget.

The above are all essential elements of commercial kitchen for a start up catering business. If you need any more advice on how to design your commercial kitchen then please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more advice or to discuss introducing new commercial catering equipment to your kitchen contact us on 01384 597111

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