Takeaway Kitchen Installation: Setting Up A Takeaway Food Business

This year has seen many challenges for the catering industry but food deliveries have thrived – if you are considering setting up a new business or adding a ‘to go’ option find out about takeaway kitchen installation.

While restrictions have limited diners and even stopped trade altogether at times for dine in establishments, households have turned to takeaways as a luxury.

For birthdays, anniversaries and just because it’s the weekend, takeaway food has become to go-to celebration of choice. With the takeaway food industry already thriving, opportunity continues to exist for new and established businesses.

Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to expand your offering you will need to consider takeaway kitchen installation.

What to consider for a takeaway kitchen installation

The demands of a food delivery business can be different from a dining in café or restaurant and this will need to be considered when planning out a takeaway kitchen installation.

Speed is of huge importance which puts implementing a logical process for working at the top of the list. This involves considering how close cookers should be to storage and preparation areas – and how close the packaging area should be.
The ideal takeaway kitchen installation would see these laid out in a chronological production line system to minimise time lost moving around the kitchen.

This is not always possible due to the design of the room you are working with but a commercial kitchen design team will be able to help you optimise the space that you have.

Choosing equipment for your takeaway kitchen installation

When choosing the equipment for your takeaway kitchen installation it is important that you have a strong idea of the direction your menu will take in future.

If you are planning on concentrating on friend goods, such as chicken nuggets and chips, then large, high quality fryers will obviously be at the centre of your kitchen.

Likewise, if you plan to sell takeaway pizzas, invest in a robust, efficient pizza oven to help you to deliver the best product you can as quickly as you can.

However, if your food focus is going to be fresh seasonal veg for a vegan café for example, refrigeration could possibly be your key concern to help to protect the longevity of the produce.

Storage is always a hugely important factor in any takeaway kitchen installation as this is essentially a way to protect the investment you have made in food supplies. Always make sure you have ample fridge and freezer space to allow you to serve the food you want to.

A big difference for takeaway kitchens is accommodating a packaging area. This will need to accommodate the packaging itself as well as give enough space to bag pack the food. Ideally this will be located near to an access or exit point to aid a fast delivery.

Caterline is a leading supplier and installer of commercial catering equipment across the country. When managing large-scale turnkey installations of one-off products and installations our team will be able to help your business create its ideal commercial kitchen.

Working to all budgets, Caterline supplies both new and reconditioned catering equipment.
To get started on your takeaway kitchen installation contact Caterline to find out how we can help.

For more advice or to discuss introducing new commercial catering equipment to your kitchen contact us on 01384 597111

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