The Benefits Of Buying Reconditioned Catering Equipment


Running a catering business can be a costly enterprise. What with renting or buying premises, hiring and training staff, kitting out the dining area and sorting out all your catering equipment you need to have a pretty big budget to get things off the ground.

One of the areas where you can make a big saving without compromising the quality of your establishment is in the purchase of reconditioned catering equipment. More and more catering businesses are choosing this as an option because of the quality of the equipment that is available and the huge savings that can be made. By doing this you can have more money left in your budget for advertising and for acquiring the best quality food for your catering business.

The benefits of buying reconditioned catering equipment are numerous and include:

Costs – It’s possible to get catering equipment up to 60% cheaper by buying reconditioned. When you think about the various ovens, stoves, refrigeration, sinks, grills etc that you are probably going to need then a significant saving can be made by going down the reconditioned route.

Environmentally Friendly – By buying reconditioned catering equipment you know that you are choosing a green option. The recycling of equipment rather than the scrapping of it will score you good kudos points and demonstrates that you care about the environment.

Better Use Of Your Budget – Buying new may seem attractive but when you take into account the costs involved and how quickly the value depreciates, is buying new really the best use of your budget? By freeing up extra funds you can obtain more equipment, do more advertising and have better quality ingredients for your menu.

Better Brands – It’s possible to obtain reconditioned catering equipment from some of the top brands. These brands may have been too expensive to buy new but by purchasing them reconditioned they become more affordable and add more prestige to your kitchen.

At Caterline, all of our reconditioned equipment is thoroughly cleaned, serviced and tested and come with warranties so you can be rest assured of their quality. Please contact us now to see what we have available.

For more advice or to discuss introducing new commercial catering equipment to your kitchen contact us on 01384 597111

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