The Importance of Ventilation in Your Working Kitchen


Commercial kitchen ventilation that is appropriately designed, manufactured and installed is a crucial part of every commercial kitchen environment. Ventilation systems enable busy commercial kitchens to function efficiently and effectively ensuring that safety is high on the agenda and that the kitchen is a comfortable working environment for all the staff.

Ventilation systems are specifically designed to remove heat and grease that is generated from catering equipment positioned directly beneath. They also remove the steam from other cooking processes, dishwashers and other catering equipment. The kitchen ventilation system is also there to remove carbon monoxide gasses which are produced from the combustion process when using gas appliances.

Commercial-Kitchen-Ventilation-caterlineltdInstalling a good ventilation system is a critical aspect of commercial kitchen design and installation so here are some things to consider:

Gas or Electric? – Depending on whether your kitchen is using gas or electric will determine the type of ventilation system you need. Gas produces dangerous by products of combustion such as carbon monoxide so it is vital that you have a ventilation system that can remove this.

Speak to the Local Authority – Ventilation is too important not to take seriously so it makes sense to consult the local authority and make sure that you are being compliant with all the regulations. Your ventilation system needs to be appropriate for the environment so get all the advice you need.

Grease Filters – The build-up of grease in the kitchen environment can be problematical so take time to select the right type of grease filters for your kitchen. Seek advice from whoever is doing the installation.

Fan – Choosing the correct size of fan that is quiet, powerful, easy to clean and maintain will make your life easier.

Speed Controller – It makes sense to fit a speed controller because this will reduce energy consumption.

Fit Odour Control Filters – This will make the environment more pleasant for everyone.

Supply Air Vents – This will make the ventilation system work more efficiently and safely.

Gas Safety Ventilation Interlock Systems – In the event of a ventilation failure this will stop your gas equipment from working, ensuring safety for everybody.

There are many considerations before installing your ventilation system so if you need any advice or would like us to carry out a site inspection then please get in touch.

For more advice or to discuss introducing new commercial catering equipment to your kitchen contact us on 01384 597111

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