Top food being whipped up during lockdown

dalgona coffee - commercial kitchen design

Restaurant Food.

Accessibility to restaurant-standard food may have diminished by the nation’s appetite for adventurous food that looks and tastes good certainly hasn’t.

As the winding queues and swift business at takeaways that have been able to open have shown the UK is a country that loves its food.

Foodies used to tucking into dishes from across the world and having their favourite coffee on the go everyday have certainly shown their willingness to adapt.

And with Instagram providing the perfect platform to showcase culinary endeavours, food has certainly remained forefront in our hearts, minds and social media feeds.

dalgona coffee - commercial kitchen designSo, what exactly has the nation been whipping up in the kitchen during the Covid-19 lockdown?

Just like trends in TV have caught on through endless social networking so have certain foods.

Dalgona coffee

The British love affair with coffee shops has been a strong one. It is hard to believe there was ever a time when independent coffee shops and major chains did not line our streets.

Fabulous coffee has certainly been missed. Not everyone has a homestyle barista set-up, but Dalgona coffee lets anyone make the most of a few staple ingredients.

Delicious cold, especially in this warm weather we are having, or even hot, Dalgona coffee combines, sugar, instant coffee, water and milk for a seriously good-looking drink, that tastes pretty good too.

Banana Bread

We are nothing if not resourceful in times of need and with certain staple baking ingredients in short supply – namely dried yeast – banana bread has had its moment to shine. It’s easy to make, tastes fantastic and uses up bananas that are past their best, so the popularity of banana bread is clear. There is a good reason it was the most searched recipe of lockdown.

Pizza dough

We love our pizzas, that’s for sure, and the dearth of flour in the shops is testament to the fact that we are willing to work to still get a taste of our favourite dishes. With restaurants shut, home chefs have been busy rustling up pizza bases from scratch.

sourdough bread - commercial kitchen installationSourdough

Well with all this time on our hands we might as well put it to good use – and lots of keen bakers certainly did that by mastering the art of making sourdough bread. Again, no yeast is required as you effectively create your own with the sourdough starter. With the time to watch and nurture your starter and the resulting bread – sourdough has become a real hit with more adventurous home bakers wanting to show off their skills during lockdown.

Chocolate brownies

Comfort food has understandably been popular across the board while the population adjusts to life under lockdown. Brownies with their delectable, chocolatey gooiness have topped the charts when it comes to food that makes us feel better.

Easy to make, delicious and indulgent, brownies are a hit with people of all ages, so unsurprisingly recipes for this favourite dessert have been in high demand on Google.

With people looking for ways to take their minds off the world outside and to make the most of their time indoors, the kitchen has definitely delivered.

Old hands in the kitchen and first-time bakers have risen to the challenge to make the most of the extra time at home by polishing the cooking skills.

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