Will a Government healthy eating campaign affect menu choices?

healthy menu

The Government has pledged to take action to curb the national issue of obesity and promote health and fitness – including a plan for some restaurants to list calories. 

As well as pushing the British public to get on their bikes and cycle their way to fitness, the Government wants to cut consumption of sugary and fatty foods.  

The reason for the national health drive is the link between Covid-19 and obesity, but health and obesity have been a long-standing issue.  

Many of the measure being proposed by the Government have been suggested before by campaigners – although in the light of the current health crisis there is expected to be a greater will to make changes among those affected.  

Striking a balance: How will the Government’s healthy eating campaign affect menus? 

healthy menuRestaurants and commercial catering kitchens are already adept at catering to a wide range of tastes and will feature healthy options alongside indulgent dishes.  

There is no doubt that consumers have become increasingly health conscious in the last couple of decades, with the rise in veganism prompting an even wider range of healthy options on menus.  

But while healthy eating is an ideal, the fact remains that going out to eat is still an indulgence for many families who visit restaurants as a treat for birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations.  

While healthy eating is the ideal the demand will no doubt remain for calorific treats – even if the calories are listed. The upshot is likely that many restaurants will aim for a compromise – offering diners what they want, whether that is healthy or not so healthy.  

How could a health-focused menu impact commercial kitchen equipment? 

A healthier menu will look different in all establishments and be geared towards a traditional offering. As a snapshot the focus might possibly shift from fried food to more fresh food, such as salads.  

In terms of commercial kitchen equipment this could see less use for fryers and more need for storage to preserve fresh vegetables.  

Steamed fish and steamed vegetables could find their way onto menus promoting the need for more equipment 

It may even be a good time to overhaul your menu and consider if you want to pursue a heathier menu completely.  

One thing that will certainly need to be considered is extra storage capacity for fresh fruit and vegetables to help to keep these at their freshest and most enjoyable.  

Seasonal eating, higher protein dishes, dairy and gluten-free dishes all work to create a lower calorie, healthier menu, which may mean that establishments that have embraced these changes are well set up to offer a healthier menu.  

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