How Keeping Your Commercial Kitchen Clean And Safe Also Saves You Money


Keeping your commercial kitchen clean and safe is not only best practice but in the long run, it will save you money too.

clean commercial kitchenHygiene in the catering industry is absolutely crucial. Regular cleaning is required to get rid of debris, potential contamination, pests and bacteria. If left unattended the amount of grease, oils and grime that can build up on surfaces and catering equipment is frightening and ultimately this will cause a health and safety risk to your staff and customers. In addition, poor cleaning and maintenance will eventually lead to your catering equipment needing to be repaired or even replaced, causing a lot of expense.

It is good practice to have a process in place that covers regular cleaning for:

– Ovens
– Extractor fans, hobs and filters
– Deep fat fryers and steam ovens
– Dishwashers
– Cupboards, food and utensil storage areas and much more

By doing this, you will not only avoid problems with health and safety inspections, but your commercial kitchen equipment will perform better, and last much longer; saving you lots of money in the long term.

Setting Hygiene Standards

For any catering establishment that prepares and provides food it is mandatory by UK law to have everything in the kitchen cleaned once every 6 months. This maintains hygiene standards, sends the right message to everybody working in the kitchen and especially for open-plan kitchens; it shows your customers that you care passionately about your cleaning standards and that you have their interests at heart.

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