List of catering kitchen equipment supplies

If you are embarking on a new catering venture then there is a whole host of kitchen equipment you are going to need. Catering is all about cooking and supplying food at places like public houses hotels or special events like parties, weddings, graduations etc. Many people are very busy these days and lack time to cook food and that’s why they opt for caterers whenever they have some special event that needs organising. In other words, the demand for good caterers is constantly growing.

On top of that, catering can also be a very profitable business if you get yourself organised correctly. If you want to find the right catering supplies for your catering businesses you must have a handle on the type of catering service that you want to offer – social catering, special events, kosher catering, community relations, corporate catering, complete event management services or bar and wine services.

The same goes for the type of equipment you are going to need which will clearly depend on the type of catering business that you want to run. Of course, there are certain pieces of equipment like serving utensils for example that are a must regardless of the catering service you provide.
Equipment used for storing or keeping the temperature of food is also required. Napkins, linens, centerpieces and decorations are used on every event. In addition, we have prepared a list of catering kitchen equipment that is usually used on events:

– Utensils
– Blenders
– Knives
– Food storage containers
– Ovens
– Microwaves
– Coolers
– Mixers
– Freezers
– Gloves
– Uniforms
– Dispensers
– Tin foil
– Garbage bags and bins

If you are not sure about all the equipment you are going to need for your catering venture, please contact us now.

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