Our favourite winter comfort recipes


Get cosy!

British cooking is often mocked as being somehow inferior to that of other European nations. That being the case, critics might want to take a look in the nation’s commercial kitchens. Right now, they are busier than ever, serving millions of customers every day. At no point in the calendar is traditional British fare better appreciated than in the depths of winter. This is exactly when the customer is seeking sustenance that cloaks them in warmth and delivers but the finest of rosy glows.

What is winter comfort food?

Gravy, mashed potatoes, slow-roast casseroles, stews, chilis, macaroni cheese – the list is endless. Winter food not only needs to taste great, it needs to deliver lasting satisfaction – the feeling it is wrenching you from the icy grip of winter and holding you instead in its toasty glove.

Sounds lovely! How do we get hold of it?

Look no further. Right here at Caterline Commercial Kitchens Limited we can send you in the direction of the very finest recipes. Nothing tastes better than a good home-cooked dish at this time of year, and here’s our faves.


Fish Pie

Chunks of tender fish in a hot creamy sauce, topped with buttery mash and a crispy garnish. Add some warm crusty bread – heaven!


Cottage Pie

This classic favourite makes a comforting meal, especially on a cold day. Lean minced beef is a healthy filling that takes minutes to cook, and the topping is quickly browned under the grill. Serve with peas or seasonal greens. Delicious!


Chickpea and Swiss Chard Chili

OK, something a little more fancy if you’re in the mood (and live near a Waitrose for the Swiss chard!) Fancy it might be, but this smoky, rich chili remains a simple one-pot dish.


Treacle Tart

A British favourite, here we have a fabulous treacle tart given a little added extra with the inclusion of pale ale. Custard – there has to be custard!


Apple Pie

Again, fetch the custard (there’s a theme emerging here!). Apple pie recipes tend to be passed down through the generations, and this one is no different. Lip-smacking!


Commercial service and success

Being equipped to make the most of seasonal trade is vital in any kitchen.


At Caterline Commercial Kitchens Limited we will happily advise on the right solution to make your kitchen work for you and be a year round success.

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