Unwanted Guests? Top tips to keep commercial kitchen pests at bay


That dreaded moment, when you see something scuttle under a kitchen cupboard – or did you? Is your mind playing tricks or is there a horrid little critter getting a free meal?

At some point, most people encounter some kind of creepy-crawly in their cupboards, so don’t panic. Obviously, if this encounter is in a commercial kitchen, the issue needs sorting sooner rather than later.

Deter before you terminate

Extermination is never good for your conscience, so prevention is better than cure. Whether it’s flies, mites, weevils, cockroaches, mice or even slugs, have a read of these top tips to prevent unwanted guests feasting on your food stores:


  • When cooking, clean up and put things away as you go along
  • If leaving food out to cool, cover with mesh
  • Thoroughly clean nooks and crannies – around and under
  • Sweep and mop regularly
  • Empty bins before they spill
  • Keep packets sealed – pop in a closed jar out of sunlight
  • Keep a note of dates – label and even colour code food so you remember how long it has been open since
  • Clean the sink, plug and drain regularly – you’d be surprised how quickly grime builds
  • Shut all doors and windows when you’re not in the room
  • Use natural cleaning products like lemon, hot water, white vinegar, and bicarbonate of soda
  • Smells of garlic, vinegar and citronella deter bugs so think about how you can use them
  • This goes without saying but don’t allow any pets in the kitchen


Taking care with pest control chemicals

Much thought and preparation takes place in a kitchen, especially a commercial kitchen. Mixing harsh chemicals with food preparation surfaces is a big no-no but it needs to stay clean to prevent contamination and infestation.

There are many natural cleaning products but time is often limited to prepare such agents and household brands are usually sought. Always make sure you read the instructions in full, before using any cleaners or pest control substances and be aware of hazardous warnings and COSHH requirements.

Seek help if you’re unsure

If you’re unsure about how to tackle a problem in your commercial kitchen always call in the experts. Have you had a to keep kitchen pests at bay? Do let us know and how you overcame the problem – we’d love to hear from you.


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